Walmart Freebie Alert!!

Walmart’s freebie right now is a coupon good for a free glass cleaning cloth and eye glass cleaner. Print the coupon and redeem in store. They also have a Sargento coupon posted as well


Toilet Paper Rolls……

Got the empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper laying around anywhere? Here is a couple quick and easy uses and crafts with them

1. Party Favors- Add some small toys and candy to the inside and cover with tissue paper and you have perfect little party favors!

2. Bird Feeders- Let the kids spread peanut butter or honey over rolls then roll in cheerios or actual bird seed and hang outside for critters!

3. Pets- Pets, like hedgehogs and etc love playing with these and have a ball with them!

4. Cord Storage- They can be used for travel or storage to keep cords from getting tangled.

5. Seed Starters- Use them in a tray to separate your seedlings that you are growing for the spring!

6. Crafts Galore- Seriously, hand one to a kid along with some craft supplies and see what they come up with. Telescopes, cars, rockets, a hiding place for polly pockets, spaceship, and etc etc……..

Have a Great Weekend Guys!

Freebie Alert- Dr Oz giving away cereal

At 3pm eastern today Dr Oz website is supposed to be giving away free General Mills Cereal!!!

Here is the link to this…ereal-giveaway


Happy Hunting!


Quick tip- Buttons

I’m not talking about the song from the PussyCat Dolls, but what to do about a loose button, or one that has fallen off and you are nowhere near your sewing kit. Dental floss can be used instead of thread, and will actually hold a button on better than thread! Worried about one falling off and you know you wont have time to fit it? Coat the front of the button threads with clear super glue or a small amount of candle wax to keep it in place!

Pinterest Poll

Above is the link for a poll on pinterest to see how your opinion weighs against everyone elses! Please respond and feel free to leave comments about your experience as well. And thanks for answering!!!!


OK I will admit, I am in L-O-V-E with Pinterest!! But, are you using it to save money or is it costing you money??? I would love to hear everyones opinion on this, because I have heard people rave about their savings, and others rant about spending &40 on one recipe!!!

Thoughts anyone?????

Multitaskers Part 5- Coffee filters

Sure, filters are a very important part of making most of ours preferred Nectar of the Gods, but did youy know they can clean your TV and computer screens as well? Or strain the yucky bits out of your deep fry grease to help make it reusable oil again? Use a coffee filter in your strainer to trap all the bits out of your freshly strained grease to get another use out of it!!